Tor is one of those wonderful young people who I admire – staying true to your values, message, and mission is challenging when the media, books, and social norms pressure you to be someone who perhaps is not authentic. 

I believe Tor does this with grace, ease, and confidence, reflecting his personality. He has a strong mind and tremendous courage. When I began in this area, there was no such thing as the internet, no such thing. I am not sure if I would have remained strong within my being with the same type of pressure. I could entirely disappear, whilst today everything is on display, being scrutinised, all the time. 

I met Tor at dinner while visiting a dear friend in London. She obviously knows my line of work and Tors too and invited him over for food to meet me. As you can imagine, we got along straight away. 

He arrived wearing all black but with a vibrant red jacket. His aura was glowing, and each and every step he took was confident. Around him, I could see his guides and also the presence of other strong female teachers in his life. 

As we talked at dinner, I quickly understood who the females were—his grandmother and spiritual teacher Ines. Both of them have served his path of life well. 

Tor told me about his upbringing, how his grandmother was the first one to introduce him to Spirit via meditation, the tarot and crystals. His grandmother sure sounds like a marvellous person and a great help. 

He told me about how he met Ines in 2013 and how she transformed how he works with Spirit. Her influence on him has been incredibly positive. Together, they now run the podcast Spiritual Link. 

Tor has one of those voices which cuts through everyone else’s. Not in a domineering way, but assertive, with power and strength. 

He told me about his passion for helping other people live more fulfilling lives. Currently, his primary outlet is Online Psychic Tarot Reading and Meditation Healing. Further, he told me about his plans to run a Psychic Development Circle and numerous courses. 

I appreciate his free-spirited approach to how he uses the tarot. Many use preformatted spreads, Tor, on the other hand, links in with his psychic mind and spiritual guides to help him bring forward the messages. He is unafraid to bring forward the messages that come towards him, and when we met, he had one for me too. Thank you, Tor, for that message. 

There is a lot of, shall we say, nonsense in the spiritual space. I can tell you right now; Tor is not one of those people. I could sense that he is a man with a plan and a great future in this space.

He will remain authentic to his message and that of Spirit. 

I could not recommend him more. His energy, healing, and presence are a rarity, which is why I have added him to this list. 

He can help you out in many different ways: relationships, career, romance, professional, personal, healing, psychic development, and so much more. His connection to spirit is pure, and he must spread his wings far and wide. 

There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind about his abilities in this space. 

We only met once; still, I am excited to see what Tor gets up to from a distance. 

You can find Tor on:

A message from Tor: 

Meeting Olvia was a gift from Spirit. We had to meet before she retired. I cannot be sure, but I believe that we have had a past life together – our connection was too instant. 

I know that she will support me on my path at a distance, always there, in the back of my mind, nudging me in the right direction. 

Olivia gave me a message about the future, which encouraged me to continue in this space as it can sometimes be incredibly lonely.