Sarah is one of those people who has the warmest of hearts. She is open, curious, caring and incredibly compassionate. Her toolbox is varied: she is a raw food chef, healer and offers tarot readings. Sarah infuses the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda into her food. 

I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah at one of her food events in New York City while travelling through the area. 

It was a late Friday afternoon, and I was looking for something different to do. I had travelled for a few days and saw various clients at each stop. I could feel that I needed a rest and participate in some resuscitating activities. 

A dear friend of mine had told me about this lady called Sarah who hosted these afternoons on a Friday where she took people through how to cook raw food. I’m not a raw foodie myself, but I thought it would be a nice change from my daily routine. 

I reached the space, and it was already buzzing with energy, colours and vitality. I could feel the positive energy moving around the room—the smells, the sounds, the vibe; it was infatuating. I let myself get pulled in. 

My first impression was that this was organised chaos, and Sarah was in the middle of it. A bell went off, and then everything in a moment quieted down. Sarah stepped on top of a table beaming, starting to give instructions of how the afternoon was going to run and then we all started cooking together. 

We enjoyed the meal, and luckily I was placed next to Sarah. As you would expect, we got talking. I told her about what I do, and you could see her face lighting up. She told me that she dabbles with the Tarot and wish to expand that area more. 

I stayed long after everyone had left and got to know Sarah more. She told me her story about growing up without a father, helping her mother raise the rest of her siblings and what that meant for her. She had to grow up fast. This is also what led her to become a chef and healer. Her passion for bringing people together stems from that. 

I have added her to this list of recommendations because Sarah is a healer, not only in the energetic sense but also because she can create harmony and peace amongst people with her food and words. 

I believe that one day, she will become an excellent medium if she continues practising and bringing people together in the way she does. Healing, developing our psychic abilities etc., is not only people offering psychic readings or healing. It’s also about creating spaces where people can come together to heal, and Sarah is already excellent at doing that.

So if you are arranging a dinner party or something similar in the NYC area, I would highly recommend that you reach out to Sarah. She will be able to sort you out in an excellent way. Her approach is gentle, vibrant, caring, energetic, compassionate and beaming with energy. 

Her presence in any space will rub off on anyone in the room.

You can find Sarah here:

A message from Sarah: 

Meeting Olvia was a gift from the universe, and her kind words above are evidence of her generosity. Her presence at the event was unforgettable, and she taught me so much, even in a short period. Her wisdom about Spirit, the universe and how everything comes together is priceless. 

I don’t think any words can describe what receiving a recommendation from Olivia means to me – it brings tears to my eyes. My heart warms, my mind opens, and I feel encouraged to continue with my work. 

I sometimes feel despondent with my work, and Olivia will be a constant reminder that anything is possible through grit, hard work, and perseverance. 

All we have to do is trust that Spirit is always there with us, guiding us, showing us the path. 

Her contribution to the Spiritual space is priceless.