Meeting men in the psychic space is uncommon, so when I came across Raphael, my heart became warm to him immediately. He is vibrant, energetic, authentic, and true to his roots with his Spanish background. 

Raphael and I met whilst I was taking a holiday in Barcelona. I had no plans scheduled to meet anyone of interest. I was all by myself and was only going to take in the city for all it was worth. I love Barcelona, the warmth, the beach, the nightlife, everything about it screams life, and I love life. 

Minding my own business, lost in thought, writing some notes. On my third day there, I stayed for a week, I was walking down a side street where there was a wooden bench, and I saw down to eat a snack I had bought earlier. Raphael sat down next to me, also with a plan to rest and read a few paragraphs in a book he was reading.

Being the curious character I am, I glanced at the book to see what he was reading. The title was ‘Am I a Psychic?’. I could not believe it; the book was the same one I had picked up at the book store in Paris. 

I could not help myself; I leaned over to tell him that I had read the same book all those years ago. As you can imagine, we got talking. I told him about what I had been doing for the previous section of my life, and he was telling me about what he was getting himself into. He was already a few years into the practice and had built up a solid client base. 

Later that evening we met up for dinner at a cute restaurant in the centre of Barcelona, which I now cannot remember the name of and since then we have been sending letters to each other to stay in touch. I can remember the food and the company is exquisite. 

Raphael has a strong soul, with a powerful connection to spirit, his psychic and clairvoyant gifts. His approach is genuine, caring, and sometimes a touch extravagant, but that only adds to the experience. 

He will give you a psychic tarot reading on all areas of life: money, career, romance, relationships, professional, personal, health, wellness, you name it – he can help you out. 

I have now had a chance to look at the testimonials that come through from his clients, and I think they all ring true. He is truly a medium that you can work with. 

If you are looking for Spanish-speaking or in the Barcelona area, he is your guy. 

I could not recommend him enough. The warmth and healing that he can provide his clients with are priceless. 

You can find Raphael here: https://the-worlds-medium.com/

A message from Raphael: 

Thank you so much for those kind words Olivia, I greatly appreciate it. I can still remember that dinner on a warm evening in Barcelona. How could one forget? You are unforgettable. 

As per your request, I will keep on serving Spirit in any way that I am asked to do – without holding anything back. Our world is in dismay, and we need people who can help create calm and clarity. I hope to be one of these people. 

I believe that you will always stay with me as a guide to support me on my journey. I also know that my guides are firmly with me – showing me my path forward. 

It is sad news that you are retiring, Olivia because the world needs your light; at the same time, you are now allowed to rest, and we will pick up the work. 

I also know that you will be sending healing out into the world and cosmos every day; even when you are not on a platform, you will be there working in the background. And that warms my heart. 

Thank you again for the recommendation. I will never forget meeting you.