Mari is one of the most wonderful young people I have come across recently. Her work was shown to me by one of my relatives, similar to her age. She has created a striking Tarot Deck that serves the divine and has a social purpose with its donation to good charities with each deck sold. 

Her devotion to nature, wellbeing and the cosmos is unquestionable, and it is rare to see such strength in a person her age. Staying true to your authentic self is a real challenge in this day and age. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mari at a convention of metaphysically inspired art. Before going, I did not know she would be there, but as soon as I found out, I had to search her out to give her my regards. 

I believe that she will be a pinnacle of good sense in the spiritual community in the coming age. We will need more people like herself, and as her mind opens, she will be able to help create more calm amongst the mess said society will become. 

When we met, I told her that I see immense, vast reach with her work and positively touch many lives. Many will try to sway her off her path, and I told her to remain strong through the wilderness. 

Her warmth, grace, and compassion coloured her aura, swirling between gentle yellows and greens. Her life in Alaska is undoubtedly prevalent within her. 

After the convention, we met for dinner, and that was the most pleasant experience. Also, to meet the group of friends that she surrounds herself with. After all, the people we surround ourselves with are a reflection of who we are too. 

I wanted to add her to the list of recommendations because I would love to see her Tarot Deck reach as far as possible to continue her work and expand her spiritual abilities. As a healer of people, she will lift people’s minds in the way they should. 

If you have not checked out her deck already and bought one, I highly recommend it. She has clearly taken great care of her work. 

Her passion for mental health, nature and spirit permeates her being and work. Anyone who works with her will be able to draw upon that strength through her channelling and Psychic Tarot Reading. I don’t think she is aware yet of the vast amount of power she has within herself. 

I am excited to observe from afar where Mari’s work will take her. Nothing is set in stone, and the future is unknown to us for the most part. 

I commend her on walking this path in a day and age that questions anything spiritual. She is walking against the grain, so she needs all of the support to fulfil her life path. 

Again, buy her Tarot Deck, send her donations so that she can expand, grow and become more without worrying too much about the physical concerns of life. 

You can find Mari here:

A message from Mari: 

Meeting Olivia was like meeting an energy of pure white light, who blinded my sight, but at the same time, cleared out all the rubble that had been blocking my path. She cleared away all of the mess, and everything became so much more clear within my mind. All of the obstacles no longer seemed to be there, and I could breathe without worrying. 

Thank you, spirit, for guiding Olivia to come to the convention to meet. The dinner afterwards was marvellous, and listening to her stories was incredible. The people she has met, the lives she changed, and the positive impact she has made. 

I left feeling inspired, ready, and eager to continue my work. It was like a confidence boost I did not even know I needed. 

I am so sad to know that she is retiring and that she was a part of my life for such a short period. I wish I could have learned more from her about the power of spirit and what it can do. 

I am eternally grateful for what I gleaned already.