Linda has a beautiful soul. Like myself, she grew up on a grassland enveloped by nature. Her quiet and calm presence is precisely what most people need when seeking advice and guidance. 

I met Linda when I was on a walking holiday in Maine. That is where she lives. I had heard about her excellent psychic drawings, and I wanted to meet her for myself. As you can imagine, I have travelled tremendously and met many different people in this space. It is rare to meet someone good – Linda is one of those people. 

Her drawings are very precise and convey the message Spirit intends to communicate via Linda. 

Linda lived in a humble house in the outskirts of town, but you could sense that Spirit looked after this place. Their energy permutated through the entire home. 

I met her at the front porch, and we embraced each other with a warm and welcoming hug. Our aura’s connected immediately, and we knew this was meant to be. She drew my long lost great grandfather, who had a message for me about someone who was in my life at that moment in time. 

I had not told Linda about my concerns regarding this person, but it did confirm her abilities. She most certainly has a solid connection to Spirit and her guides. Her mediumship is very strong. I stayed around for dinner, and she took me for an extended walk through the lush forests of that area. She showed me places where the Native Americans, a very spiritual people, had lived. 

You could still feel their energy in the ground – their struggle, anger and love for the land. 

I left Linda feeling healed, fresh, and this was an essential visit. The message that she provided me with changed a path I was walking down – it was incredibly profound. 

I am adding Linda to my list of recommendations because I feel that at the moment, she is not getting the reach she deserves, and I believe that she can help so many more people via her psychic gifts. It is an incredible gift to put together something physical for people to work with. 

When you see Linda, she will give you a physical piece for you to work with. She will bring forth messages from the dead and hopefully provide you with some direction or closure, depending on what you are looking for. 

Also, if you go to see her in person in Maine, she makes the most fantastic stew and can show you some of the more secluded walking trails of Maine. 

You can find her website here:

A message from Linda: 

Olivia, you have been the most dedicated, resilient and persevering envoy of spirit that I have ever met. It is so rare to meet someone dedicated to sharing the message of spirit and sharing her healing abilities with the world. 

You are one of the most truthful Speakers of Spirit that I have ever met. You weave your messages together in a way that just makes sense. With you retiring, I am worried that the art of being authentic in this space will be lost, and I hope that many people come across this resource to reach your words about how Spirit comes together. 

I am eternally grateful for this recommendation, and I promise to keep on working and sharing the love of Spirit as far and wide as I can come from my humble home in Maine. 

I will never forget your visit, the walks through nature and the connection we created that day. Your great grandfather is so impressed with your work and pleased with what you have done for yourself. 

Spirit is proud of you, and I am certain everyone else on this list would agree with that sentiment.