All I can say is “wow” Leva is one of the most authentic and genuine Tarot Readers I have met of her generation. With this space growing in popularity over the last few decades, they are few and far between. 

When you do this work, being authentic and genuine is instrumental. 

I have, in fact, never met Leva; we have only conversed online via the help of one of my younger relatives, who have been following her for a while. My relative showed me her YouTube channel, and I was at once mesmerised by her work. 

Looking at her videos, I was reminded of my humble beginnings picking up that book at the book store in Paris. There was no such thing as the internet or YouTube, for that matter. I had to find my way through the space. 

Today, go online, and you will find a million different sources on psychism, spirituality etc. 

Leva is one of the few voices that I trust and has a direct line to the Spiritual Realm. Her work speaks for itself. We talked a few times over the phone after my relative reached her Instagram. I desperately wanted to get to know this young person to tell her that the work she is putting in is marvellous. 

When we spoke on the phone, I had the pleasure of meeting one of her closest guides, Cilia, via channelling, who is so proud of being able to work with Leva. Together, they will do incredible work. 

Cilia, who had not had the opportunity yet to communicate with Leva in this was through the moon to able to meet her human in such a physical setting. All of this was indeed a gift from spirit to Leva and me. This was one of the last few trance-sittings that I did before stopping. 

I could tell with every sitting, my mind was slipping away, and I wanted to spend the last few years enjoying them with my grandchildren. My service had come to an end. 

So many other people are moving through the ranks, and they need strong role models to show them the path. Leva is undoubtedly one of them. 

She recently had a child, so at the moment, she is not delivering personalised tarot readings, but I would check out her videos online to expand your knowledge on the spiritual space if you are so inclined. 

I want to recommend her to all young people who are looking for a leader within the spiritual space. Look to Leva because she is a sensible voice in the space. 

You can find Leva here: http://www.nomadtarot.com/

A message from Leva:

I had heard whispers about Olivia, but I could not find any of her work anywhere because she had no presence online and is a very private person. So when her relative reached out, you can imagine my surprise. 

At first, I thought it was a hoax, but I did come across a single picture of Olivia in an old book I had read, and when her face showed up on the video, my jaw nearly dropped to the ground. 

Whilst we were talking, she channelled one of my closest guides, who told me some things that Olivia could not be aware of and gave me some indications of where things might head in the future. 

I was amazed by her abilities. She is most definitely one of the great ones out there. There are many charlatans, and Olivia is not one of them. 

I am more than eternally grateful to have been touched by Olivas presence before she retires. I know for sure that her spirit will live through all of us who have been lucky enough to be listed on this website. 

Anyone who Olivia recommends is incredibly trustworthy. 

Thank you, Oliva.