Fabienne and I met in Paris, where my spiritual journey truly began. Incidentally, she also visited the book store that I mentioned when I wrote about my story. She is a few years younger than me and did not find the book store until she was twenty-one and I was already twenty-seven.

At first, we did not even meet, I had left my address with the man who owned the store, and he gave it to Fabienne because he believed that we would get on very well. 

Out of the blue, I received a letter from Fabienne telling me that the shop owner had given her my address, and she told me about her work and her story. For a few years, we only wrote letters to each other – sharing thoughts, experiences, feeling and ponderings on the area of esoterism and what it means. 

After three years of writing letters, we finally met in Paris; it was like a homecoming and meeting a long lost family member. Our auras connected straight away, and I felt like I had known her for a very long time.

After doing a few trance-sittings together, we found out that we had shared several lives together in the past. We found a Native-American life, where we had been partners, and there was another life in the lost city of Atlantis. Eventually, we even found that we had shared life on another planet. 

Time, space, place, life is so expansive. The journey never comes to an end, and it felt so enriching to share these experiences with Fabienne.

Since then, Fabienne and I have kept writing letters to each other and always arranging seances when we are in the same city. She is mighty and can be trusted to support anyone on their spiritual journey. 

I am so happy that she continues the work because the world needs more people, such as Fabienne. 

Her energy is balanced, grounded and rooted in reality. Often, in the spiritual space, the fantasy of the medium can run wild. With Fabienne, there is no such thing. 

Anyone can trust her to be honest, genuine and authentic in her approach. 

You can see her for spiritual guidance and a psychic tarot reading for any area in life: money, career, relationships, romance etc. – she can connect with all of those areas. 

She is also an excellent teacher, mentor and guide. If you are beginning your psychic spiritual journey, I will not hesitate to reach out to Fabienne. Because she will know how to help start your journey towards greater spiritual awareness. 

Her approach is gentle but assertive, kind, and confident. I believe you need this in a good teacher and path shower.

You can contact her via her website, and she is located in the centre of Paris. 

She has used Tarots de Marseille for over 30 years, and she can do work via video, phone, home, or at her office in Paris. 

You can find Fabienne on: https://fabiennevoyante.business.site/

A message from Fabienne: 

I met Olivia at a quaint Cafe in the centre of Paris, not too far away from the Eifel Tower. I remember seeing a waft of white doves only moments before she arrived. There was no such thing as mobile phones back then, so you can only imagine the excitement. 

Olivia had sent me a picture of her, which did not do her any service. Her aura, her energy, was glowing, and you would be able to spot her from miles away. Her inner strength passionately radiates through her entire being. 

Since then, we have regularly conducted trance-sittings and opened many minds to the power of spirit. I am eternally grateful for having her in my life. I am sad to see that she is stepping back, but we all have to listen to what our inner guidance tells us to do. 

The world will be a less bright place without her waving her brush of light. 

I welcome a recommendation from her, and I appreciate it very much.

For the time being, I will continue the work of actively serving spirit.