I met Carmen when I was speaking at Psychic Conference in the Netherlands. 

I was speaking on the topic of channelling the dead and shared many of my experiences. I talked about how I open myself up to the power of spirit and the different protection techniques I use to ensure that the spirit leaves my body after a session. 

The was one particular experience that had stood out to me. A mother had come to see me after her young girl had passed away in a sudden car accident. The mother was still grieving and desperate to find some understanding of what had happened.

When the mother came to see me, the young girl did come through. Her name was Isabell, she had long brown hair and passed away wearing a blue dress. The energy of the young child was vibrant, a lover of life. Unfortunately, the spirit had snapped her life away from her. 

The mother, hearing the child’s voice, talking about their different experiences and knowing that she was safe, not alone, left the mother healed. She was straight away able to release her grief and keep on living her life. 

Funnily, the girl, on the other hand, who loved living did not want to step back into spirit. The mother herself had to get involved, saying that it was all ok. After a bit of back and forth, the young girl let go and stepped back into spirit. 

Afterwards, Carmen came up to me and shared that she had a similar experience of a spirit not wanting to step back into spirit after being allowed to have a moment of living. We talked about how we found this peculiar because surely the dead would know that they are dead, unable to return until they are reincarnated as someone else. 

We laughed and agreed that there are clearly areas of spirit neither of us will ever understand. 

Carmen and I remained friends, and now as I am retiring, I would like to recommend her as a trusted spiritual practitioner. 

She can offer your tarot readings, aura and chakra healing, photo reading, Marriage and Relationship Counselling, and Courses and Training.

Her approach to tarot reading is a mix of traditional and intuitive approaches. At most of her readings, she uses the very familiar Celtic cross while listening to her intuition. I have had the chance of receiving a reading from Carmen, and it was on-point. At that time, I was going through some relationship challenges, and she helped me overcome them. 

She was trained at Central Institute for Alternative Schooling in colour therapy and Back Blossom therapy. She also uses different healing modalities such as minerals and oils. 

She can give you a reading on all areas of your life: love, relationship, career, personal, money, health etc. 

I would trust Carmen with all of my questions about life and so on. 

You can find Carmen on:

A message from Carmen: 

Olivia, I am incredibly pained to see you leaving the field. You have so much to give and so much to share about the Spiritual Realm. I cannot be more grateful for your guidance and support all of these years. 

You have indeed been a mentor to me, and receiving a recommendation from you is more than anyone can ask for.  

I would not wish for more than seeing perhaps your writing finding its way onto the internet because I think you have got so much to give in terms of defining what this space is and is not. 

I promise I will do nothing to tarnish your name and recommendation. Your ethics and morals are impenetrable. I know that you will always stand with me in my work moving forward.