I met Carina at a Cafe in Argentina while travelling through South America. 

I was feeling peckish and had stopped at a cafe to buy a sandwich and coffee. After ordering my food and drink, I decided to sit down at a corner table to reflect on one of the readings I had delivered earlier in the day. I took out my notepad and started writing out my thoughts. 

I often find it very healing to write out my thoughts rather than allowing them to stay within my mind. The guides have always encouraged me to write out my thoughts, and most of the time, I take their advice. 

The man I gave a reading to had an incredibly troubled background. I could see the man’s aura was covered in dark patches, and I had trouble reaching through to him. His energies were generally very blocked. To get through to him, I had to give a tremendous amount of myself. Eventually, his father came through, who had not been very nice to the man growing up. In his own way, the father apologised, and I could see the man’s aura changing immediately. He let go of the bag of sand that he had been carrying around for a lifetime. 

The person running the cafe came over with my order, and at that moment, Carina walked into the Cafe. She looked towards me and smiled. The smile was warming and soothing. 

She sat down at a table next to me; at first, I did not know she was a medium. After a few minutes, she leaned in and asked if I was ok? She taught that she picked up that I needed some upliftment. She could not have been more correct. 

Before approaching me, she asked for my permission to hold my hand. I felt that I could trust her, and I let her do it. Straight away, I could feel her incredible healing power begin to move through my being to lift my spirit and clear my energy of the man from earlier. All of the heaviness started to seep away, and my mind was beginning to clear up. 

I nearly leapt to my feet with energy, and Carina noticed my reaction. She knew that she had met a kindred spirit.

We talked and found out that we were operating in the same area of spirituality.  

Carina and I remained pen-pals from that day onward, as I do not have an email. 

I now would like to recommend Carina and her work. She is very trustworthy and has a solid connection to the power of spirit. Like myself, she uses the tarot, and she also uses angel cards when she delivers her online psychic tarot readings

She can help you get unstuck, create clarity, figure out a person or situation, see the future regarding a relationship, and help you with your romantic, professional, and spiritual life. 

She is also a trained life coach and the law of attraction practitioner. At the moment, she delivers all of her services online. As you are all aware,  I do not do online readings; they are just as effective as in-person readings. 

The world needs more healers like Carina. 

You can visit her website on:

A message from Carina: 

All I can say, Olivia is a huge thank you. Meeting you changed my life for the better, and I feel that I can never repay you for the support and sense of belonging that you have provided me with throughout all of these years. 

The work that we do can be incredibly lonely, and it is so important to have other people to connect with. I know that you will always be travelling with me in my spirit – to help me along my path in a positive and supportive way. 

You are such a trusted agent within this area, so a recommendation from yourself is priceless. Again, thank you so much.