I met Ayleen at a gathering of like-minded spiritual mediums in the Netherlands. When I met her, I knew at once that she had the gift of being genuine in her work. Her aura was glowing, and I could sense that her guides were close to her, showing her the path forward. 

We talked and soon found out that our starting point with having psychic spiritual experiences as young children were very similar.

Our energies wanted to be close to each other. 

If you are seeking a Psychic Medium, I could not recommend her enough. I appreciate her straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. Her clairvoyance is very strong, and she uses multiple spiritual tools to ignite her inner-sensing, such as the tarot, runes, and various oracle decks. 

Ayleen offered me a reading, and her connection was powerful, and she helped me work through some deep-rooted issues that were still lingering in the back of my mind at that moment in time. Even psychics need help from other psychics at times. 

All of her testimonials talk of the incredible support that she has provided her clients with. There is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that she would be able to help you too. 

She has worked with clients from all over the world for 25+ years. She can aid you in all aspects of your life: love, relationships, career, business decisions, finances, family issues, health, wellness, dream interpretation and spirituality. 

Receiving a reading from Ayleen is rarely about being ‘given’ the answer to everything. She will empower you to make healthy decisions for yourself to make the most of your path of life whilst here on earth. 

In other words, she will help you raise your energies towards higher vibrations. 

There is very little beating around the bush with Ayleen. Her client interaction is relaxed, open, gentle, expansive and to the point. I have always appreciated that about her. 

Her life’s purpose is to teach enlightenment, spiritual guidance, awareness and soulfulness. At the core of her beliefs is that everything and everyone is energy and that there is one consciousness that moves through all things. 

I should mention that Ayleen and I ended up running a few spiritual workshops together, where we focused on creating spaces for people to find the answers they needed within themselves. Because that is the thing, all the answers we need sit within us. Only some people have taken the care and practice to cultivate that sense of inner-knowing. 

Ayleen is a member of N.A.P.P. (National Association of Professional Psychics). All of her psychic tarot readings are delivered remotely, either via video or voice call. As I have mentioned before, providing readings remotely does not lessen the impact of the connection. Because in spirit, time and space do not exist. 

I believe that you would feel very safe, secure and in good company if you choose to go and see Ayleen for a reading. 

You can visit her website here: http://www.ayleenspirit.com/

A message from Ayleen:

Thank you, Olivia, for your incredibly kind words. I could not be more grateful to have met you and even had the chance to work with you. A recommendation from yourself is priceless because of your high esteem in the industry. I am very saddened that you have decided to retire from this space because you have so much more to give. 

At the same time, and I’m sure everyone recommended on this page would agree that you will always be with us in our spirit. You are helping us to move forward with gumption, strength and love. 

I very much hope to see you back on the scene for some special events. You have still got so much more to give. The world needs more healers at the moment instead of destroyers.